About us

When life doesn’t imitate art…

Driven towards premium content, Karsha is a one-stop shop for Film Production, specializing in Line Production services across India. We at Karsha take pride in creating efficient systems to mount large scale productions, providing a detailed guide on local conditions, weather and currency for diverse locations in the Indian sub-continent.

From grand sets in the heart of Metros to remote locations in the farthest reaches of the country, we can help procure everything from High-end cameras and rigs to arranging for 5-star accommodations in the best rates in the market.

Enabled by a network of partners and an extensive database of top of the line film professionals in the country, Karsha brings together modern production systems and processes aided with the latest technology. Empowering us to bring ambitious projects to life is our skilled staff which can help film crew navigate through the labyrinth of paperwork, permits, film policies and subsidies, with the quickest turnaround in Visa requirements.

Karsha’s creative dictum is to transport audiences to stories that they would want to live whether it’s our vision or our collaborators.

Lawrence D’Souza

Lawrence has been at the forefront of the technological strides that the Hindi Film Industry has achieved in the past three decades. With the experience of having worked on 35 films and the leading talents in the country, his repertoire as a Producer also includes works in television, advertising, and web.

Lawrence believes in adapting new advents in technology to modernize and streamline the ever-evolving process of Production. His specialization has been able to herald projects which have time and again pushed the boundaries of filmmaking in the country, through epic narratives, stories of social progress and with an international mini-series.

Donning his Producer’s hat, Lawrence is usually on the prowl for the next collaboration that may redefine what scale looks like in India. When he is not caught up in giving wings to ambitious projects, he can be found invested in updating production practices and discovering the next technological breakthrough that will take forward cinema in India.